The beautiful actress Yoo In Na recently sat down for an interview where she spoke about her love/hate journey in the popular drama My Love From Another Star.

Yoo In Na played Cheon Song Yi's best friend, Yoo Se Mi, who secretly loved Song Yi's boyfriend, Lee Hee Kyung (Park Hae Jin), for 15 years. Se Mi hated Song Yi but also reconciled with her by the end of the show.

Although Yoo Se Mi's role was an important one, as the drama progressed to focus more and more on the relationship between Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon, Yoo Se Mi appeared less and less.

Yoo In Na: "I would be lying if I said I didn't care about the role being reduced. Although I was upset a little, I could also imagine if I were the scriptwriter or the viewer, I would be engrossed in Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon's love too. It is understandable and acceptable once you switch your point of view. (laughs) I think the show could have been better even without me."

Because Yoo In Na's personality is totally different from Yoo Se Mi's in the drama, she totally immersed herself into Se Mi's role while filming. At the time of this interview, it seemed Se Mi was still alive in Yoo In Na's appearance.

Yoo In Na: "Whether it was within the drama or outside the drama, not too many people really cared about Yoo Se Mi's feelings, so I think I should at least take her side. Of course anyone who plays this character would be totally devoted to her too. Actually I am not similar to Yoo Se Mi at all, whether it's about her facial expression or the way she treats her friends. It is very emotional to create a person with an entirely different set of expressions that I never had previously."

Jeon Ji Hyun's beauty was displayed fully in My Love From Another Star. She looked beautiful from any angle and the incredible visual effects totally attracted the audience's eyes. For the equally beautiful Yoo In Na, was there any burden in playing against Jeon Ji Hyun, even though the audience enjoyed watching two beautiful actresses together?

Yoo In Na: "Perhaps the viewers felt more stressed. But Jeon Ji Hyun is a beauty that comes around once in a hundred years, how could I think about anything else when I faced such a beauty? (laughs) I cheered for Jeon Ji Hyun when I started watching her on TV even 10 years ago. Therefore I'm quite happy as her fan. While I was filming the show, I maintained a positive attitude to believe rather than doubt. Regardless of what anyone would say, acting against Jeon Ji Hyun was not stressful to me at all. I never thought much about it."

Yoo In Na is truly a beauty with a lovely and cheerful spirit. Best wishes to her and her boyfriend, Ji Hyun Woo, who is scheduled to complete his military service this year.