Now that she's reached her fair ending in Oh My Venus, beautiful actress Yoo In Young will next join revenge drama Goodbye, Mr. Black, which stars Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook. Will she play another character that audiences tend to hate?

In case you haven't noticed, Yoo In Young seems to have carved a niche in playing female antagonists that generate a strong emotional reaction from the audiences. In a recent string of highly rated dramas including MaskThe Three Musketeers, and Oh My Venus, the statuesque beauty brings the necessary intensity to her characters to add depth to those plots that contain intrigue and revenge elements. 

She is also quite a chameleon in adopting a new look for each new role.

Oh Soo Jin in Oh My Venus:

Mi Yeon in Mask:

Jo Mi Ryung in The Three Musketeers:

What will she look like as the female antagonist in Goodbye Mr. Black?

According to initial synopsis, Yoo In Young will play Lee Jin Wook's first love who ended up marrying his enemy. The two actors also happened to play ex-lovers in The Three Musketeers. Expect them to continue their sizzling but dangerous chemistry in the new drama where Moon Chae Won will pretend to be married to Lee Jin Wook to help him exact his revenge.

The awesome cast also includes Song Jae RimKim Kang Woo, and Daniel Henney

Goodbye, Mr. Black is expected to premiere in March 2016. 

Don't you agree that March needs to come sooner? Which actor in the cast are you most anxiously waiting to see?

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Watch Yoo In Young in Oh My Venus: