The cast is complete for upcoming KBS series Oh My VenusYoo In Young accepted the second female lead in the series alongside leads So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah.

Yoo In Young was absolutely fantastic in Mask, so I'm excited to see what she can do here, though I would love to see her in a non-villainous role. Her acceptance rounds out a cast that already includes Jung Gyu WoonSung Hoon, Henry Lau, and Jo Eun Ji. While initial casting reports sounded like Sung Hoon might be taking the second male lead role, the latest plot descriptions sound like Jung Gyu Woon's character is the actual second lead. Sorry, Noble, My Love fans! 

In the series, Shin Min Ah will play a lawyer who was a gorgeous "ulzzang" in her youth but eventually gains weight and loses her looks under the stress of her job and caring for her family. For 15 years, she dates Jung Gyu Woon's character, a former member of the national swim team who becomes a PR manager. 

Yoo In Young plays Shin Min Ah's childhood friend who started out overweight and unattractive and grows up to be beautiful and confident. Like Shin Min Ah's character, she is a lawyer, and she becomes Shin Min Ah's boss. Eventually, Jung Gyu Woon's character leaves his girlfriend to be with her.

The central plot of the series revolves around Shin Min Ah's character teaming up with So Ji Sub, who plays a world-famous physical trainer, to get back into shape. Of course, because everything in every K-drama is a massive coincidence, Jung Gyu Woon's character just so happens to be So Ji Sub's childhood rival.

I hate to be the one to mention it, but doesn't this plot sound suspiciously similar to Birth of a Beauty, especially with the casting of Jung Gyu Woon? He probably doesn't even need to film any new scenes. The could just find clips of him saying rude things in Birth of a Beauty and splice them in throughout the series! 

There's also a little hint of She Was Pretty in there with the beautiful girl who loses her looks over time. Of course, I don't actually believe that Shin Min Ah could ever look anything other than radiant, so I'm curious to see how they handle the premise. Can we make a petition to ban fat suits from the series?

What do you think of this casting? Are you excited for the series? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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