A leading lady has been chosen: Time-traveling Ji Hyun-woo will be romanced by Yoo Inna in Queen In-hyun’s Man, the upcoming cable drama that takes our hero from the late Joseon era into contemporary Seoul. Queen In-hyun’s Man is described as a fantasy-action-melo drama, and unfolds when our hero, hotshot scholar Kim Boong-do (Ji Hyun-woo), somehow gets plucked from the 18th century and transported to 2012. In his own time period, his family is wrongly accused and killed; he’s the sole survivor and a supporter of Queen In-hyun, who has fallen out of power. (Historically, she was deposed when concubine Jang hee-bin, often portrayed as a shrewd manipulator, was promoted in court status. Some speculate that Queen In-hyun’s early death came from poisoning, orchestrated by Jang hee-bin.) Read more on Dramabeans.