Actor-turned-director Yoo Ji Tae’s film Mai Ratima won the Jury Prize at the 2013 Deauville Asian Film Festival. Considering it’s his first feature film, Yoo Ji Tae’s done a fabulous job. The international acclamation of Yoo Ji Tae as a director made him the spotlight of South Korean entertainment news. Yoo Ji Tae had a lot to say about his first experience as a movie director in his interview with NEWSis. He said the fact that he’s an actor made things harder, not easier, for him as a movie director:

“I often had to endure others’ prejudice ‘how well can an actor make movies?’ Also, many asked me ‘You have a lot of money, why do you have to get investments?’ But I decided not to be so concerned about what others say. Even if I were them, I would have had the same prejudice. It’s understandable.”

He still isn’t over his excitement winning the award. “I couldn’t believe it. I was already grateful that I could make a movie and had the chance to release it in theatres. I’m just so happy.”

And he shared his philosophy in movie making as follows: “My ultimate goal was to complete the movie. Critiquing is up to others. If you try to make a movie to succeed, the flow of the movie gets weird. My only interest was how to make the movie interesting.” Yoo Ji Tae’s movie Mai Ratima tells the story of a Thai woman who immigrated to South Korea with Korean Dream. mairatima