yooohsung2 Actor Yoo Oh Sung, who is well-known for his breakthrough role in the movie Friend, appeared in the show Baek Ji Yeon’s People INSIDE to talk about his two overachieving older brothers. He said that when he was young, he never saw his two brothers sleeping. The brothers would be up studying when Yoo Oh Sung went to bed, and they would still be up studying when he woke up. He basically never saw them rest! He added that seeing his brothers made him realize academic pursuit wasn’t his future. His eldest brother is now a prosecutor and his second eldest brother is a professor in engineering. He also said with an awkward smile on his face that his professor brother asked him if he could give a lecture at a superconductor conference. So he gave a lecture on the topic “Science that cannot be seen.” Do you think Yoo Oh Sung's brothers played a role in his acting career?