Comedian Yoo Se Yoon’s bizarre confession was one of the top issues of last week’s entertainment news in South Korea. Last Wednesday around 4 a.m, Yoo Se Yoon paid a visit to Ilsan Police Station to confess that he just drunk drove to Ilsan from Gangnam -- but between the drunk driving and his confession, it was later reported that he was eating ramen at a restaurant.

It’s not just Golden Fishery’s Knee-Drop Guru and Radio Star where Yoo Se Yoon will no longer be seen, but he might not appear in his other shows, SNL Korea and Barefoot Friends. It’s been said that he’s still trying to figure out whether he will continue the other two shows.

Initially, Yoo Se Yoon has been praised for his bravery to turn himself in. Shortly after, some netizens started to point out that he had previously implied that he’s jaded with is work. Some find his actions a cowardly way of quitting his job.

Without Yoo Se Yoon’s presence, SNL Korea continued the show. Comedian Ahn Young Mi on Weekend Update (a sub-show of SNL Korea) brought up Yoo Se Yoon’s news one more time and said: “You’re the first one to do it since the time of Dan-gun [the time people believe to be the beginning of Korea]. Why did you do that?” She then added, “Yoo Se Yoon is crazy, acknowledged.” Amidst the tumultuous news about him, Yoo Se Yoon posted this on Twitter to show that he’s feeling bad about it: “Sorry. I disappointed those who loved me … I did it impulsively because I’ve been stressed out with work lately … I want to sincerely apologize to my disappointed fans, family, colleagues, and broadcasting colleagues, and everyone who gave me opportunities.”