Yesterday, DramaFever reported that comedian Yoo Se Yoon turned himself in to Ilsan Police Station for drunk driving. To this somewhat weird news, people have been interested in why Yoo Se Yoon turned himself in. Was it really because he felt guilty like he said?

It turns out that after drunk driving more than 30 km from Gangnam to Ilsan, Yoo Se Yoon stopped by a ramen restaurant in Ilsan right before turning himself in to the police. A witness who saw Yoo Se Yoon at 4 a.m that night said: “I saw Yoo Se Yoon around 4 a.m on the 29th. He was eating ramen noodles by himself at the table right next to me. I was excited to see a celebrity. When I heard the news about his drunk driving and turning himself to the police, I was so shocked.”

I guess Yoo Se Yoon was very hungry, so he wanted to have a bite of ramen before seeing the police. Many South Korean netizens question if the reason behind all this is because Yoo Se Yoon wanted a break.