yooseyoon2 Comedian Yoo Se Yoon is taking formal legal processes for his recent DUI controversy. What the police have confirmed so far is that the comedian had started drinking on 5/28 until early into the next day with acquaintances in Seoul, Shinsadong. He then drove about 28km to Kyung-gi-do, ate ramen near Janghang-dong, then headed towards the police station and turned himself in. The police are no longer continuing the investigation because Yoo Se Yoon had admitted to all suspicions. Yoo Se Yoon will be given a fine on top of a license termination. The police told the press, "There were no accidents due to his DUI but he had turned himself in because he had felt guilty. It's the first time someone turned themselves in because of DUI." Two days after he had turned himself in, Yoo Se Yoon tweeted, "I'm sorry. I've let down all those who have given me love. It's something that I did on an impulse because of the recent piling of psychological stress due to work." He had also posted a picture that quoted, "If you're lazy, you lose something you care about." As of now, Yoo Se Yoon has been dropped from both MBC Radio Star and Knee Drop Guru. Kim Gura will be taking his spot on Radio Star and Kim Na Young for  Knee Drop Guru. (Source: Nate)