Romantic comedy is still foreign territory to Yoo Seung Ho. The highly versatile actor is a little rusty when it comes to the genre of his upcoming series I'm Not a Robot. He did an incredible job in past rom-coms like God of Study and Operation Proposal, but it seems he's more comfortable with complex roles. During the recent press conference for his new project, the 24-year-old star opened up about how he felt throughout the filming process.

Was it a struggle getting back into this particular genre? Yoo explained that while it was hard working alone, his co-star Chae Soo Bin helped put his mind at ease. “I did find working on this drama difficult. Till now, I’ve usually played roles that are dark and have a hidden past, so I feel more accustomed to those kinds of characters. It was hard for me to get into the mindset of the lead of a melodrama, so it’s been an interesting experience. I’d heard that when you’re in a melodrama, it helps if you truly care about your acting partner when you’re playing out scenes, and I think that’s true. In scenes when I’m interacting with her, I feel more at ease, and when I have to film by myself, I feel her absence. She’s been a big help to me.”

Despite his uncertainty, he cherishes his time on-set. “Though I was initially very scared about my first romantic comedy, I was drawn to my character, who is serious but also a little odd. I’m enjoying the filming process.”

I'm Not a Robot, which premieres on Wednesday (December 6), is a quirky love story between a guy with an allergy to humans and a girl who pretends to be a robot. This will be Yoo's first K-drama since his summer historical series Ruler: Master of the Mask wrapped in July. The former child star always gives his roles 100%, so I'm sure his next project will be a must-see.


I'm Not a Robot

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin

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