With less than three months left for his military service, popular actor Yoo Seung Ho is already receiving many offers. His agency has confirmed that the Joseon Magician movie is one of the many projects he's looking at, but no firm decision has been made. And, will Park Shin Hye be his leading lady?

Yoo Seung Ho has set a great example by enlisting for military service at a young age, and he chose activity duty when there was still the option to join the now-discontinued Defense Media Agency, where celebrities used to serve in public relations duties. Yoo decided to forgo special treatments, got good grades in basic training, and is now an instructor in the department that trains new recruits. He will officially be discharged on December 4.

Although he is only 21 years old, Yoo Seung Ho has already played different types of roles, from the romantic lead in Operation Proposal to sensitive villain in I Miss You, and even the Jade Emperor in Arang and the Magistrate. Fans would certainly find the title Joseon Magician tantalizingly fitting for Yoo Seung Ho.

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It's great to know that the future is bright for Yoo Seung Ho after military service. A representative for San Entertainment said, "We are currently receiving good proposals, and Joseon Magician is only one of the many proposals we received."

And, for whatever project he chooses, he just may find Park Shin Hye as his leading lady. Earlier in the year when she was asked about the older woman/younger man romance pairing in dramas, Park reportedly told InStyle Magazine that she would be interested in playing in a noona romance with Yoo . Park is only three years older than Yoo. She said she found Yoo Seung Ho to be "mature and manly" when she met him. She was referring to meeting him BEFORE he went into service. Can you imagine how much more "mature and manly" he must be now? Park Shin Hye may have a lot of competition to get paired with Yoo Seung Ho.