If you felt like you needed some more Yoo Seung Ho in your life, we have good news for you! The actor confirmed his role as the lead in upcoming SBS series RememberPark Sung Woong also confirmed his participation in the drama.

In Remember, Yoo Seung Ho plays Seo Woo Bin, a lawyer who struggles with hyperthymesia, or an autobiographical memory that causes him to remember everything in extreme detail. Woo Bin's goal in becoming a lawyer is to clear his father's name, but just as he takes on the case, he begins to lose his memory. He must race to solve the case before all of his memories fade.

Park Sung Woong's character is also a lawyer. He worked his way from poverty as a mob lawyer and now works to save lives. He teams up with Yoo Seung Ho to solve the case, but he his secret past complicates his involvement.

So far, none of the plot descriptions mention a loveline and there haven't been any casting announcements about female leads, so it's unclear if there will be a romantic angle to the series, let alone who they would cast. If there is some sort of loveline, we can expect to hear about it pretty soon, as this drama bumped Goodbye Mr. Black from the SBS lineup and is set to premiere after the conclusion of The Village: Achiara's Secret in December.

But what about Imaginary Cat, Yoo Seung Ho's other confirmed drama project? Not to worry, kitty lovers — according to Yoo Seung Ho's representatives, the actor will be able to film most of the cable series ahead of time, so he will be able to keep both shows! This means we'll have one Yoo Seung Ho show in November, another in December, and then his film Joseon Magician at the end of December as well. It's like Christmas! Yoo Seung Ho for EVERYONE! 

I do worry, though, about how he'll be able to maintain his health. The K-drama shooting system is no joke, and I really need someone at SBS to promise me that they'll let Yoo Seung Ho take naps and eat things if he's going to tackle two shows at once.

Are you happy with the casting so far? Will you be watching this series? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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