Yoo Seung Ho has been gushing about his favorite idols! During a recent interview with the media outlet Sports Seoul, the Remember actor shed some light on his early fanboying days for the adorable girl group APink. He says he loved them so much that he started his day and ended it with the uplifting idol group: "I really liked them when I was in the military. I started my morning with APink, and ended my evening with them."

He continued his fan chat with this message, "Soldier Yoo Seung Ho was like that. I know other girl groups too, but none that make me go 'I love them.' Anyway, my last girl group [that I was a fanboy of] is APink!"

Despite his minor mouth injury, which his agency didn't disclose details about, the young star is still having fun reminiscing about his good old army days. Yoo is just like the rest of us! Everyone has that one special group that they favor over all the rest. Now, I have gushed about SHINee enough, but I would love to know who you fanboy/fangirl over. Who is your ultimate bias in K-Pop?


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