20130305_yooseungho_enlist While we knew Yoo Seung Ho was soon going to enlist in the military, we weren't sure quite when—and as it turns out, that's the way he preferred it. The 20-year-old actor enlisted quietly, with only his family and agency CEO present, at a military base in Gangwon Province’s Chuncheon. “No one knew of Yoo Seung Ho’s enlistment," stated his agency. "He thought he should enlist quietly because everyone’s the same in the military. There shouldn’t be special treatment for celebrities.” The actor used his fan cafe to break the news to fans, saying "I enlisted on March 5th without telling you all. I’m greeting you through this video. I’ll return safely," to which netizens responded with a stream of comments, saying they had no idea he'd be enlisting so soon, and that they love and will miss him. We'll miss you too, Yoo Seung Ho! What do you think of his quiet enlistment? Was the quiet way the way to go, or should he have given a little more warning so people could say goodbye? (Source: www.allkpop.com)