Yoo Seung Ho has officially chosen his first K-drama after completing his military service last year! *Throws confetti* In an interesting choice, he accepted the lead role in the webtoon adaptation Imaginary Cat.

Imaginary Cat is about a stubborn webtoon writer who works in a bookstore and has trouble because of his self-centered nature. His only friend is his cat, Boggil, and together the two of them have a series of heartwarming experiences that heal his heart. 

So lemme get this straight. Yoo Seung Ho. Kitties. Heartwarming stories. 


Seriously, where do I sign up?

What makes this news a little surprising is that the series will air on cable channel MBC Every 1, which mostly produces variety shows, and Yoo Seung Ho is popular enough that he's most likely been fielding a boatload of scripts from different networks since his return. 

Then again, Yoo Seung Ho is an avid cat lover, so he's clearly the perfect man for the job. When he returned from military service last December and was asked who he missed the most, he responded, "I miss my parents and my two cats." Now he gets to snuggle with a kitty for an entire series! Everybody wins! (But mostly I win because I love both Yoo Seung Ho and cats.)

The series is planned for a November release, which means that Yoo hasn't had much of a break since his military service. As soon as his enlistment ended, he began work on the movie Joseon Magician, which recently wrapped up its filming and will premiere in December.

What do you think of Yoo Seung Ho's K-drama comeback? Who would you like to see cast as his leading lady? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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