Yoo Seung Ho is back from the military and has finally held his first video interview since his return. What makes the interview even more special is that he shared it with Park Shin Hye, who he has has stated is his ideal type. Additionally, while Yoo Seung Ho was in the military, Park Shin Hye expressed that she wanted him to be her next costar. Let's watch the adorable couple's interview! 

It's great to see that Yoo Seung Ho has adjusted well to post-military life. The part where he admits that Park Shin Hye was very popular in the military and looks a little jealous was so cute! And the part where she called him out for changing his ideal type from her to IU! They are so funny together! 

The pair has worked together in the past, including in So Ji Sub's music video where they had a kiss scene, and in promotions for Lotte

I hope that their wish to make a drama together comes true soon! 

In the meantime, you can watch Park Shin Hye's latest drama, Pinocchio, here: