seungtl1 When Yoo Seung Ho goes on vacation, he wants to share it with the world.  And being as photogenic as the young actor is, this is by no means an imposition on anyone.  For his recent travels to Japan, Yoo Seung Ho allowed cameras to capture his adventures.  This includes: Staring at a cat, watering plants, writing in a journal, riding a bike, taking pictures, sleeping, and other mundane things that might have resulted in a pretty boring photobook, if he weren't so gorgeous. The book comes out today, but we've got a preview of what to expect.  Take a look at the loot: seungtl3 seungtl4 seungtl5 seungtl6 seungtl7 seungtl8 seungtl11 seungtl12 seungtl13 seungtl15 seungtl16   Got a favorite amongst the set?  Let us know!   (Source: