Yoo Seung Jun Twitter It had been over ten years since Yoo Seung Jun has set foot in Korea. That was until last November, when the controversial former pop star showed up at at the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards with none other than Jackie Chan. As entrances go, this one definitely caught everyone's attention. The singer who was famously deported from the country in 2002 stated as recently as 2011 that he had no plans to return. But plans change! Through SNS, Yoo Seung Jun wrote a message to his fans accompanied by a picture of the candy that his fans sent him. “Our fans are the best! I always love you! I will try harder for those of you that have been cheering me on for such a long time. No matter what, I am going back to South Korea. Wait for me.” So this is more of a remain hopeful message than an actual, "Booked my flight, see you on this date at this time" kind of thing, but it's still got fans excited for the possibility of his longer-term return in the future! We'd love to see him back in South Korea making music. What do you make of Yoo Seung Jun's announcement?