Yoochun was hit by a chair during an action scene! The JYJ member suffered an injury while filming a scene for Sensory Couple where he breaks through a window.

"The scene where Park Yoochun broke through a window and jumped out, which was in the highlight video, was shot in one take and he got hurt," his agency, C-Jes Entertainment, told news media outlet Newsen today.  

"The chair hit him on the side and injured him. It was a shock to his muscles, but no bones were broken."

Thankfully, he didn't have any serious injuries from the accident. However, the I Miss You actor was absent for three days to recuperate. Yoochun currently receives physiotherapy during the filming process, and he will be monitored for his physical therapy.

He is a fighter! It is also reported that he continues to film his scenes alongside co-star Shin Se Kyung without any major issues. The SBS series about a girl suffering from memory loss who can see smells, will premiere on the small screen according to schedule. Sensory Couple starts tomorrow on DramaFever. Sign up for new episode alerts HERE!

Get well soon, Yoochun!

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