A very sweet boy (below left) entered our lives one day back in 2004, but now, 11 years later, he's no longer a boy but a man (below right) who will be carrying out his military duties as a Korean male citizen (#datsmiledoe #nothinghaschanged). Let's all take a moment to bid goodbye to Yoochun!

On August 27th, yesterday (Korea-time), Yoochun was seen leaving his family, friends, and fans for training at Nonsan, Chungnam. Yoochun wished for his entrance to be quiet, but it is reported that, unsurprisingly, many fans showed up to see the singer/actor one last time before sending him off.

No tears, ladies (and any gentlemen fans)! Yoochun was said to have been all smiles (below) as he waved goodbye to all those who came! (Isn't he still dapper with the new hairstyle?)

Yoochun is the second member of JYJ to enter the military. Groupmate Jaejoong left for his duties back in March of this year. (Junsu...Will you be leaving anytime soon? *starts sobbing*)

Before heading off, dandy Yoochun was seen with oh-so-cute Junsu at the annual JYJ Membership Week event (below).

Check out C-Jes' official Instagram (C-Jes Instagram) to see more photos and goofy clips of the handsome two!

We wish nothing but the best for Yoochun and hope that he returns healthy and well in 2017. Good luck, Yoochun oppa! We'll miss you lots!!

Can't wait for these three talented cuties to be together again!

While you wait for Yoochun to come back, why not watch a drama he's starred in? I recommend Rooftop Prince! Watch the series on DramaFever below: