Yoo Chun doesn't want to make a big deal about his enlistment. On August 25, the Rooftop Prince actor will set aside a special time to spend with his supportive fans during the 2015 JYJ Membership Week event. He and his fellow JYJ group member Kim Jun Su plan to connect with fans before his private enlistment two days later. His agency told the media today they want to respect Yoochun's decision.

"His desire to enlist quietly and the training camp side′s opinion that media coverage would be difficult were considered to make this decision," a C-Jes Entertainment representative said. "We ask for your understanding once again about our decision to keep it private after taking into consideration various difficulties regarding media coverage."

The future public service worker wrapped up his latest SBS fantasy series Sensory Couple with Shin Se Kyung in May. At the end of last month, his 2015 Park Yoo Chun Fanmeeting Japan Tour — ALL ABOUT YU concluded in Yokohama, Japan. Since the star is enlisting on August 27, his discharge date should be sometime in 2017. 

Fans are going to miss the award-winning actor terribly for two long years! Bidding farewell to your favorite celebrity (even for a short period of time) is never easy. I hope the membership event this month gives them precious memories that will help fill the gap.

Watch Yoochun in Sensory Couple:

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