Uh oh, everyone watch out! Park Yoochun is training to become a bad-ass! Yoochun is making his comeback in the upcoming K-Drama, Three Days where he’s taking on the role of a bodyguard to the president!

Yoochun has been taking training classes where he’s been learning defense and fighting techniques in order to properly play his character, Han Tae Kyung. It’s up to his character to find the president after he mysteriously disappeared from his villa when the sounds of gun shots were heard!

Check out these photos of Yoochun training for his new role!

Probably about to learn how to fight blindfolded. Yeah! That makes sense, that's what he's doing! #IDontKnowWhatHesDoing

Someone looks REAL GOOD in their uniform!! ^_^

Three Days will air following the conclusion of My Love From Another Star, and is written by Kim Eun Hye, writer of Sign and Ghost. Sign up for new episode alerts for Three Days HERE.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE