What happens when you blackmail actor and singer Park Yoochun? You get arrested and sentenced to 10 months in prison, of course! This is the tale of how an ex-girlfriend of a celebrity lost her phone, which was only to be found by a lady who would then use the phone in an attempt for financial gain.

Yoochun once had a girlfriend who he obviously texted with and had photos with, etc. That ex-girlfriend unfortunately lost her cellphone “near a shopping mall in Seoul.”

A lady known as “Ms. Kim” happened to stumble upon the phone, and since the ex-girlfriend didn’t have a lock on it, she found all the personal texts and photos involving Yoochun. Instead of being a decent human being, Ms. Kim reached out to his management and threatened to release everything in the phone to the public unless they gave her $100,000.

Well, Yoochun’s manager showed up at the arranged meeting spot with the money, but not without calling the police and letting them know what was happening. After being set up and then arrested after the money exchange, Ms. Kim appeared in court where she was sentenced to 10 months in prison for basically being a horrible human being and, of course, for her criminal activity.

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The money was returned, but the lesson of this story is to simply keep your phone in locked mode!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE