If you have watched any part of 'Goblin: The Lonely and Great God' you know that there is no denying the amazing chemistry the cast of the hit drama series has with each other. From the romance to the witty banter, much of the joy and anticipation fans have experienced seems to come directly from the stars' earnest enjoyment of working on the drama together. Having watched such great work, it is sometimes easy to forget that the people who play the characters we have come to love are themselves very different individuals. However, when the star behind the character peeks out from time to time, the results can be...well...quite funny. Find out what Yook Sung Jae is really like and how this set the whole cast of 'Goblin' laughing!

During the press conference for ‘Goblin: The Lonely and Great God’, actor Yook Sung Jae -- who plays the the over the top third generation chaebol Yoo Duk Haw -- candidly revealed his amazement at the level of luxury the product placements in the drama represented.  

"The sponsored items in the drama are amazing. Especially the car; the roof opens, and it even makes sounds. Plus, the house is really big, and the refrigerator has a touch screen. It’s super nice.”

Upon hearing Yook's amazed statement, the rest of the cast could not help but laugh and Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook both went onto comment in good humor. 

Gong Yoo responded by asking the journalists, “Isn’t he so pure?” While Lee Dong Wook teased, “The advertisers must be happy that you’re promoting their products”.

While Yook Sung Jae's character in 'Goblin' is that of a rich chaebol with quite the cavalier attitude, his earnest comments of amazement at the sheer luxury of the car, home, and even the refrigerator makes him all the more endearing! 

What did you think about the gap between the 'pure' Yook Sung Jae and the chaebol Yoo Duk Haw? Let us know your thoughts below!


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