IRIS 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to IRIS that's coming out in a couple of weeks. If you're not highly anticipating it, well, am. That's because I've been following this entire franchise faithfully, whether I liked it or not, and which includes ATHENA. IRIS 2 has a lot of elements to it that make it tedious, especially after two previous dramas that were pretty much similar in plot, but had a different cast. What makes this one unique though is that it's a direct sequel to IRIS, which means we'll see some of our favorite characters reappearing (Baek San for the win!). It also boasts an impressive pedigree cast - Lee Da Hae, Jang Hyuk, Lee Bum Soo, Kim Young Chul, and more - that I fear will be sorely under-appreciated and sacrificed for the sake of explosions and action. But this drama also has plenty of idol stars, including Lee Joon of MBLAQ and Yoon Doo Joon of B2ST. Both Lee Joon and Yoon Doo Joon play NSS agents, but let's focus on Yoon Doo Joon a bit. He is the perfect NSS agent (of course) and ends up in a love triangle with Lee Da Hae and Jang Hyuk. Say whut!? If we know our "Taewon Entertainment Spy Franchise" well, we know that the top two billed stars (meaning Lee Da Hae and Jang Hyuk) will end up together. Inexplicably they will fall in love because both actors have had history in being paired together in Robbers and Chuno - so why not for a third go-around? Of course there is a third wheel (as always) but why must it be Doo Joon?! How can you compare an idol actor like him next to hunky Jang Hyuk!? I protest! Give me someone who is a better match to really go toe to toe with Jang Hyuk so that they can really battle for Lee Da Hae's love! Don't make it so easy for Jang Hyuk to trample all over Yoon Doo Joon! Or - you know what, I challenge Yoon Doo Joon to prove to me that he's a force to be reckoned with. Ha! I bet that'll be a near impossible feat! I think I'm just bitter because all I really want is Kim So Yeon to just headline her own spy drama already. You can catch IRIS 2 on DramaFever on February 14, 2013.