The third franchise of the Let’s Eat series is going to end next Tuesday with 14 total episodes, instead of the originally scheduled 16. The reason is Yoon Doo Joon’s unexpected enlistment; the Highlight band member is joining the army tomorrow. Scroll down to reveal all the details.

Yoon Doo Joon had taken an exam to join the army police, instead of the regular army. On Tuesday, he received a rejection letter to the police team. Accidentally, his regular enlistment date had been set as this Friday. It is unknown when he received the enlistment notice, though presumably not long ago. Had he passed the police exam, he surely wouldn’t have joined the army tomorrow. His fellow band member Yang Yo Seob passed the police exam, and is awaiting his enlistment date.

Doo Joon in a handwritten letter explained the situation to fans:

“Hello, this is Doojoon.

“You were surprised right? I was surprised, too. Though not as much as you guys. In order to finally fulfill my mandatory military duty at this old age, I will have to suddenly leave. I wanted to go earlier. Because I can finally take some pressure off that burden though, I’m happy.

“The saddest part that really troubles my mind is the fact that I’ll have to leave without saying a proper goodbye to you. My heart hurts a lot..

“The fact that I could enjoy this celebrity life for almost 10 years is mostly thanks to Lights [Highlight’s fan club name]. In this irregular life, the fact that I was able to feel the most normal feelings of happiness, sadness, and other things is thanks to the special memories I was able to create with you all. You were with me for a third of my life all this time cheering me on. Thank you sincerely for your support. It was an honor.

“I now plan on starting the third chapter to my life. To my members, family, friends, company family, and drama staff members who supported me, I’m so sorry, and thankful. I hope you all stay healthy.

“Finally, to our, and my fans that I love. Please always keep your own health as your priority, and I hope you’ll be happy and healthy. Thank you. Bye.

From one fifth of Highlight, Doojoon.”

The show has been rewritten and reshot, which would make the story flow seamlessly, according to the production team. The team explained, “We have finished editing the script on the basis of the story that was planned for 16 episodes, and as it was shortened to focus on the important parts, there will be no change in the plot.”

Best of luck in the army, Doo Joon!

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