Popular actress Yoon Eun Hye recently appeared on SBS’s One Night of TV Entertainment where she was asked to choose her ideal type out of her former costars in a hilarious ‘Ideal Type World Cup’ game. Round after round, the actress was forced to choose between male leads Gong Yoo and Lee Sun Gyun from Coffee Prince, Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Dong Gun from Marry Him if You Dare, Yoo Seung Ho and Park Yoo Chun from I Miss You, and Kang Ji Hwan from Lie To Me. Watch the video to find out who ended up winning!

The game begins at 1:42:

Those of you who are diehard Coffee Prince fans will be pleased with the results. The winner is Gong Yoo!

Eun Hye predicted that she would immediately get a text from Gong Yoo saying, “I didn’t know your feelings.”

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I wish I got a text from Gong Yoo saying that! Also, watching this video and realizing all the hotties she has had to choose from would make me hate her if I didn’t already love her so much. I mean, seriously:

If I had to choose, it would come down to Gong Yoo and Yong Hwa (especially after seeing him live in concert with CNBlue), but there would be quite a bit of hesitation over Kang Ji Hwan, because damn! But just like Eun Hye, I would have ultimately chosen Gong Yoo! Who would you have chosen as your ideal type? Comment below!