Yoon Kye Sang is a tough guy In his new drama Last. In real life, however, he is nice and gentle. Just look at these sweet photos of him with his furry friend in the special "Vogue Dog & Cat" supplement for the August issue of Vogue Korea magazine.

When the 36-year-old actor from Greatest Love turns his charm on, who can say no? His cute puppy dog, Gamsa, is no exception. The two of them look so happy together.

Yoon Kye Sang thinks it was destiny for him to meet Gamsa. He said in an interview with Vogue, “It is fate that he came to me. I want him to live happily with me.” It must have been love at first sight.

Yoon is currently starring in the thrilling action noir, Last, where he fights to climb to the top of Seoul's underworld. He'll be jostling with veteran actor Lee Bum Soo, using their brain and brawn in the webtoon-based drama series.

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More photos of the charming Yoon Kye Sang can be found in the August edition of Vogue Korea magazine. 

~ NancyZdramaland

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