Jin Seo Woo are Jung Yoon Do are close friends in real life!

Doctor Crush actors Yoon Kyoon Sang and Lee Sung Kyung play co-workers with a strained relationship because of unrequited love, but the two stars couldn't be more comfortable with each other when the cameras aren't rolling.

On Instagram, the pair have no problems taking selfies together, especially comedic snapshots. Today, Yoon joked around with his lovely co-star about the sizzling temperatures outside, “Outdoor filming is so so hot…your face is as small as my finger?!” Lee Sung Kyung is pursed lipped as she winks for the camera in the background.

Months earlier, he shared the same type of photo with his large fingers pretending to hold her tiny face. She is seen pouting in the background, while Yoon Kyoon Sang appears completely flabbergasted.

The entire cast seems to get along so well! They have uploaded random photos of themselves acting silly behind-the-scenes during the entire filming process. Star Park Shin Hye even a few reunions with former co-stars on the set of Doctor Crush.  

It's been a great run, but the last three episodes will be here before we know it! I'm so glad Kang Soo's surgery went well. I still can't believe they made him so ill at the last minute. Nonetheless, my favorite characters in the series are surprisinglyJin Seo Woo and Pi Young-Kook. I wish the writers would give them more scenes together and let their relationship progress.  

What has been your favorite scene or episode in the series so far?


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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