Yoon Kyoon Sang was impressive playing Lee Jong Suk's long-lost brother who turned vigilante in Pinocchio. Last we saw his character, he was going to be in prison for a long time. So imagine our pleasant surprise that he has been released into Ha Ji Won's remake of In Time With You, which is now called The Time I Loved You, 7,000 Days. So which role will he play? Will he be the new Mr. Wrong made famous by Sunny Wang?

Aside from Ha Ji Won playing the leading lady role, Lee Jin Wook has been cast as her "Mr. Right," or best friend of 20 years. They are perfect for each other but have not recognized their true love as they continue to criticize each other's new love interests and also give support when they get heartbroken. We know In Time With You ended with a happy ending, so hopefully The Time I Loved You, 7,000 Days will be the same because, after all, why change something that works?

However, this new character inserts an intriguing mystery because the role didn't exist in the original Taiwanese hit drama. Yoon Kyoon Sang is reportedly cast as a chaebol heir who is handsome with a great personality. He also keeps his identity hidden. Is Yoon Kyoon Sang going to be Sunny Wang's Mr. Wrong who cheated on our leading lady, or is he a brand new character with his own love story?

I liked Yoon Kyoon Sang's impressive performance in a difficult role in Pinocchio. You can tell he's handsome underneath his sorrowful demeanor and burdening existence in that fantastic drama. He is tall too. (Check out his manner legs.) Apparently the director likes him too, as the same director Jo Soo Won directed him in Faith as well. So this will be the third time that the director has asked him to join a drama. 

The Time I Loved You, 7,000 Days will start showing on DramaFever in June. You can sign up for new episode alerts HERE. I can't wait. In the meantime, you can watch Yoon Kyoon Sang in Pinocchio: