Stills from the set of Pinocchio show Yoon Kyoon Sang accommodating his shorter stylists by using his well-placed "manner legs"! Yoon Kyoon Sang's impressive height of 187cm (6' 1") makes it almost impossible for the female staff to reach the top of his head.

"Manner Legs" is the term used to describe a person using a wide stance to help make up for his or her tall height. Many Korean celebrities use this method while filming. Be sure to check out more hilarious manner legs poses here!

Important question: How does Yoon Kyoong Sang's height compare to his co-star Lee Jong Suk? These two are actually almost the same height! While Yoon Kyoong Sang is 187cm (6' 1"), Lee Jong is just slightly shorter at 186 cm (also 6' 1"). 

Be sure to tune into Pinocchio to see Yoon Kyoon Sang play Lee Jong Suk's long-lost brother!

Aren't "manner legs" hilarious? It's not easy being so tall! Now I wish we could also see some behind-the-scenes shots of Lee Jong Suk using the same pose!

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