Sony Pictures has got some explaining to do!

The Interview received the green light to use Yoon Mi Rae's "Pay Day" on their soundtrack, but she didn't turn on the light. Today, Yoon's agency announced their plans to take legal action against the mega company taking advantage of her music. 

“There were initial discussions for using ‘Pay Day‘ in the movie, but the discussions ceased. We assumed that it wouldn't go through," a rep from her agency Feel Ghood Music said.

"After the movie was released, we learned that the track had been used without permission, legal procedure, or contracts. We will be taking legal action against Sony Pictures, as well as DFSB, the agency that carried out the discussion regarding the use of the track.”

The Interview is about two journalists instructed to assassinate current North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after booking an interview with him. The controversial comedy stars Seth Rogen and James Franco.

Before Yoon's case, North Korea and Sony hackers threatened the livelihood of the film. The production company had to edit the movie to be approved by North Korea. Hackers called the Guardians of Peace threatened terrorist attacks against theaters that released the film.

This week, The Interview was released in select theaters and sent directly to online rental sites on December 24. 

What do you think about The Interview's latest backlash? 

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