Well, this is certainly an interesting lineup of cameos! Yoon Sang HyunOhn Joo Wan, and MMA fighter and Return of Superman dad Choo Sung Hoon have all confirmed cameos in the upcoming seriesThe Time That I Loved You.

The three will reportedly appear as variations of Ha Ji Won's character's ideal man. I don't know about you, but when I hear that, I immediately get Secret Garden flashbacks at the mention of Ha Ji Won swooning over Yoon Sang Hyun (who will always and forever be Oska to me). Ha Ji Won is just racking up the handsome costars for this series, with Lee Jin Wook, Infinite's L, and Pinochio's Yoon Kyoon Sang already playing important roles.

Beyond the description of dream men, there isn't much detail about the cameos, though any combination of these three with Ha Ji Won, however short it may be, is bound to be hilarious. Is it too much to hope that Choo Sung Hoon will sneak his daughter Sarang into the scene?

I guess we'll find out when The Time I Loved You premieres on DramaFever on June 29! You can become a fan of the series HERE to receive new episode alerts, and don't forget to check out the latest trailer below: