Yoon Sang Hyun will join the cast of Could We Love for his comeback drama! The drama is from the same writer-director of Scent of a Woman and Dr. Champ. For now, his role is unknown, but he will play a part in the life of Yeo Jin Gu's character and the leading lady (who is yet to be cast). Yeo Jin Gu is playing a high school rebel who lives on his own. He has a half-brother who he doesn't have any relationship with. Kim So Hyun of I Miss You will play the high school girl in love with Yeo Jin Gu's trouble-maker character. For now we can only guess what Yoon Sang Hyun's role will be. Will he play Yeo Jin Gu's estranged half-brother? Perhaps someone caught up in the love triangle between the leading lady and Yeo Jin Gu? What do you think? (Source: www.dramabeans.com)