Husband-to-be Yoon Sang Hyun is taking a break from wedding preparations to film the popular SBS series Pinocchio.

Pinocchio is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and actor Yoon Sang Hyun is coming along for the ride. Today, the series representative disclosed the big news to media outlet Newsen that Yoon was currently filming his cameo role. 

The star was part of the I Hear Your Voice cast. The writer, director, and main actor (Lee Jong Suk) of the 2013 series are part of Pinocchio. His close friendship with them was evident through his return to their new set today.

Yoon's agency told Star News that the filming took place in the afternoon. They confirmed that his close ties with the people from the former series influenced his decision to appear.

The day his episode airs has not been disclosed. 

On February 8, Yoon Sang Hyun will wed recording artist MayBee. They dated for 8 months before he proposed to her. 

Are you looking forward to seeing him act alongside Lee Jong Suk again?

Catch up on the series Pinocchio before his cameo:

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