Yoon Sang Hyun revealed that he had been asked by fellow I Hear Your Voice actress Lee Bo Young to sing at her wedding. During a recent interview, Yoon Sang Hyun joked, "Lee Bo Young asked me to sing 'Never Ending Story' at her wedding. She asked me to sing it because of her parents but I will sing depending on the way she acts."

He then added, "Bo Young continuously bought tasty food when we were at Phuket. Even though she caught a cold and couldn't swim, she took us to many places since she knew the area well."

Yoon Sang Hyun also complimented the actress and said that she is funny, easy-going, and not anything like other top actresses. He said, "She is a lot like the character Hye Sung in I Hear Your Voice."

Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung are the tie the knot on September 27th.

(Source: Nate)