Ooh, interesting: Yoon Seung-ah (Playful Kiss, All My Love) joins the youthful cast of buzz fantasy-sageuk project The Moon That Embraces the Sun, where she’ll play a badass swordswoman who guards the shaman/heroine played by Han Ga-in.

Ha, I love that Yoon Seung-ah’s character’s name is Seol (雪), aka Snow, so really I wasn’t too far off with the whole MoonSunRaincloud bit, although I’ll have to adjust that to MoonSunSnowflake, which doesn’t quite have the same ring. (Fyi: Originally it was stated that the king’s name would be Hwon, as in light, while his love interest was named Wol, aka moon, to make this all very literal. I am a little bit sad that Han Ga-in’s character’s name has changed, though really, the shtick was terribly on-the-nose so it won’t be too hard to recover from that disappointment.)

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