Yoon Shi-yoon is the next High Kick alumnus to return to the franchise with a cameo, and makes his appearance in the next episode of Counterattack of the Short Legs. Based on the preview for his episode, Yoon plays Park Ha-sun‘s sunbae from college, whom she had a crush on. It’s funny that he’s a year older than her in real life but looks five years younger; he’s just blessed/cursed with that baby face. The story kicks off when Ji-seok asks Ha-sun about her first love, and she later happens to run into him. Yoon can thank Season 2, High Kick Through the Roof, for bringing him mainstream attention in 2009, which he then built on with a star turn in 2010′s Baker King Kim Tak-gu. The show’s cameos so far have ranged from great to underwhelming, so I hope Yoon’s is one of the good ones. I appreciate that High Kick features the cameos prominently, usually centering a whole storyline around the guests, which is great; other dramas tend to think that flashing a famous face is enough and don’t otherwise work the star into the plot, which is disappointing. (See: Kim Soo-hyun in the recent Dream High 2 premiere.) Read more on Dramabeans.