yoon1 Ever since Flower Boy Next Door wrapped up, I've been missing Yoon Shi Yoon, so I was thrilled to find him not just on the cover of college life mag CeCi Campus, but featured in a generous photo spread inside. In the spread, Yoonie is transported to a world of backpacks, comic books and ukuleles—pretty much exactly how I want to imagine going to college with a flower boy down the hall! yoon4 What kind of bare-bones college dinner do you think he's making? He can cook for me any day! yoon5 I love his confused expression, like he's not sure he's in the right class. If Yoonie wandered into your classroom and took a seat next to you would you just die?! yoon2 Looks like a night on the town would be just as much fun hanging out around the dorm kitchen yoon3 Okay, honestly, I just like to think this is how my favorite flower boy spends his free time because it's just too adorable. Which of Yoonie's college looks is your fave?