Now that Yoon Si Yoon has returned from his military service, he isn't wasting any time looking for a comeback project! He is currently considering offers to headline JTBC's upcoming fusion sageuk Mirror of the Witch.

If he accepts the role, Yoon Si Yoon would play famed court physician Heo Jun, who is often hailed as the "father of herbal medicine." This series would take an alternative approach to history, portraying Heo Jun as a hot-tempered young doctor who has a run-in with a witch and treats her.

So far, there aren't many details on the series, and Yoon Si Yoon's agency has confirmed that he received the offer, but he is still considering other roles. Mirror of the Witch will likely air on JTBC in May after Ms. Temper Nam Jung Gi.

Are you intrigued by this series? Do you think it's a good pick for Yoon Si Yoon's comeback drama? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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