Actor and professional cutie, Yoon Si Yoon shocked us all when he quietly enlisted in the Marines back in April. Photos of Yoonie during the admissions ceremony have been released and he looks cuter than ever!

Let’s be honest for a moment; only a handful of actors and Idols actually look good in their military uniforms and buzz cut, and Yoon Si Yoon is one of them. In the first photo below, notice Yoonies proportionate body line in his uniform and sharp jawline.

In this photo, Yoonie is showing off his buzz cut, which clearly reveals he has a nicely shaped head. Also, take note of beautifully tanned skin causing his smile to stand out even more than usual. With a lack of hair even his eye smile looks better!

Yoon Si Yoon may be serving his country for two years, but at least he looks dazzling doing it!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE