The Korean actor Yoon Si Yoon has officially enlisted in the marines. His agency revealed that he entered a marines training camp on the 28th of April. Yoon Si Yoon, who has become part of the 1184th Marine Corps, is going to be in training for 7 weeks and then will receive his marine battle colors. After that, he will serve as a marine for 2 years.

It was reported that he applied to the Marine Corps in February when he was shooting the KBS drama Prime minister and I. There was news about his enlistment last month that his agency denied so that his enlistment day would not attract public attention. Yoon Si Yoon asked his agency not to report the news. He received an acceptance from the Marine Corp and has enlisted quietly with a send-off from his family and friends.

He left a message that he would fulfill military duty quietly and come back well. An official of his agency added that every Korean man must give military service so he wished to go quietly. He didn’t want it to be known outside.

Yoon Si Yoon made his debut in the MBC sitcom High Kick through The Roof in 2009. After that, he raised his awareness by starring in Baker King, Kim Tak Goo, Me Too, Flower!, and Flower Boy Next Door. He recently starred in KBS drama Prime minister and I and a K-movie 100 Percent.

He may have been worried that his enlistment news would cause a lot of commotion while the whole Korean nation is in mourning for the missing passengers of the sunken ferry. He said that he would come back well, so please support his choice.