Yoona is beautiful inside and out. The Girls' Generation darling has been selflessly donating money to underprivileged children since 2010. Over time, her funds have accumulated to over 100 million won ($90,000). The Prime Minister and I actress has officially become a member of the respected Honor Society, a charitable club.

"I decided to join the club this year to help promote a sharing culture. I want to give a helping hand to people who are marginalized." The charitable organization Community Chest of Korea created the Honor Society for people who donate more than $90,000 to the worthy cause. Celebrities Soo Ae and Kim Bo Sung, among many others, are also members of the club. 

Watch Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook team up in the thrilling action romance Healer:

Yoona is currently filming the Chinese historical drama God of War, Zhao Yun alongside Chinese actor Lin Gengxin. 

Well done, Yoona!

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