Yoona steals China's heart in her latest pictorial. The Prime Minister and I actress became a living doll for the April issue of Elle China. She modeled simple yet delicate black, white, and brightly-colored print blouses with a variety of dazzling jewelry. Her dreamy expression and princess makeup and hairstyle in each photo make it appear that she is in a spring fantasy.

The series of fairy tale photos were recently released through Elle's Weibo account.

Watch the all-star cast of Unkind Women, including Lee Ha Na, Chae Si Ra, and Song Jae Rim, in a series about three generations of women learning to support each other:

The Girls' Generation member will star alongside actor Lin Geng Xin in the upcoming Chinese TV drama Wu Shen Zhao Zi Long. She will portray Xiahou Qing Yi in the historical series that is scheduled to air in August on Hunan TV. The drama is supposed to tell the legendary story of general Zhao Zi Long.

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