The Prime Minister and I star brought her drama clothes back with a twist. Yoona posed in a variety of outfits fit for a government official's wife in the December issue of InStyle Korea magazine. 

Her long pink dress transformed into sexy, after five attire with the addition of a blue faux fur stol. Yoona's blue and pink coats, long sleeved cream colored shirt, caramel colored skirt, and her wistful expression complete the upscale winter photo spread.

Watch Yoona shine as the Prime Minister's wife in The Prime Minister and I

"I feel a woman's personal struggle in the eyes of mature YoonA," the photo shoot's photographer said about the lovely Girls' Generation member.

In the issue, Yoona expounds on her vacation time and desire to spend quality time with her friends. She mentioned backpacking and seeing cherry blossoms as things on her to do list. The passionate actress and singer didn't forget to talk about her wish to star in a classic film like Hollywood's Pretty Woman. 

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Sources: Via Via