While The K2 completed its successful run on November 12, lead actress Yoona does have one regret for the show.

In an interview published post-show run, the Girls’ Generation member revealed: “I wished the Go Anna character had expressed a wider range of emotions, especially when acting with my partner role Kim Je Ha (played by Ji Chang Wook).”

Starting from episode one, the character was a clear departure from her previous roles as she portrayed the pitiful and vengeful presidential-candidates daughter.

“Anyone would isolate Go Anna from the world she lived in, and Kim was the only exception. That’s how Go opened her mind to the bodyguard. I wish I could have depicted those subtle emotional change better,” she explained.

Her wish for improvement shows her strive to be taken seriously as an actress. In a separate interview, she shared her worries upon taking the part and her candid awareness of the criticisms she and fellow acting idols faced.

“I worried a lot because the first thing people think of is my bright image,” she said. “I pondered on whether or not I should develop it or try a totally different image. I couldn’t decide. Because I was always worried about the response, I was scared to try out new things. I can’t deny that this fear was also influenced by the prejudices that idol groups face.”

For her, the role was a step-forward to break the stereotype that idols cannot act – the idol tag is not something she shuns.

“I don’t want to purposely try to break away from that label. I want to be seen as an actress naturally, and I will continue to do my best and not be scared,” she said.

Thoughts of anyone’s negative preconceived notions against her may loom, but this will not stop her.

“Even now, I don’t feel like I am completely free from the eyes of those who watch me,” she shared. “But I decided to tell myself that I wouldn’t worry about them and just look within myself. Isn’t it the actor’s job to try different and diverse roles?”

She knew the challenges she faced upon taking the emotional role, but it was necessary to help her grow. Being surrounded by a talented cast also helps.

“I received a lot of energy from being with everyone on set,” she said. “I learned so much from watching the other actors. I think my perspective on acting has changed. Acting has become more fun for me, and my curiosity about it has grown. I’m looking forward to my next role.”

So are we!

What did you think of Yoona’s portrayal of Go Anna?

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