I, for one, have always loved Yoona, and have been a believer in her ability to play a mysterious and disturbed young woman in upcoming action melodrama The K2, but because she is well known for being a K-pop idol member of Girls' Generation, she has had her doubters and haters. Well, doubt no more! The idol/actress was recently spotted by fans running barefoot and bloody through the streets of Barcelona out of dedication to her craft, and we have the footage to prove it!

And if doing it several times at night wasn't enough, it looks like the actress also had to do it at another location during the day. 

Now that's what I call being committed! 

We can already get a taste of her superb emotional acting in this teaser, as well:

Are you excited to see her performance in The K2 when it premieres on September 23, only on DramaFever? Add it to your queue now!