Girls' Generation's Yoona is starring in a new Chinese historical drama, God of War: Zhao Zi Long, which has achieved a formidable showing by beating out even the extremely popular Descendants of the Sun. Check out photos from the drama, and find out more about the epic romance between Yoona and her leading man Lin Geng Xin.

If you've missed Yoona (Im Yoon Ah) after her last TV drama The Prime Minster and I, it's because she has been busy filming God of War: Zhao Zi Long, also known as God of War: Zhao Yun and Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long

The story about a real-life military hero was inspired by the famous Chinese literature classic, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, about the turbulent times of the Three Kingdoms period following the fall of the Han dynasty. Many movies and dramas have been made to recount the dramatic stories and historical figures depicted in the beloved novel. 

Thanks to Yoona's popularity in China, the new drama has been getting huge buzz. The beautiful singer-actress from Girls' Generation has long been popular in China. Take a look at the lovely Yoona dressed in beautiful costumes to portray her character Xiahou Qing Yi, who would capture the heart of a heroic warrior.

Yoona is surrounded by at least three handsome leading men in the historical romance.

Top Chinese actor Lin Geng Xin plays the legendary general Zhao Zi Long. Lin rose to fame as the 14th prince in the iconic time-traveling romance, Scarlet Heart (aka Bu Bu Jing Xin). 

Kim Jeong Hoon, the prince in Kdrama Goong, plays the romantic rival:

Godfrey Gao, hot model-turned-actor, plays another famous general Lu Bu.

Here's Godfrey strutting his awesome physique in costume at the press conference:

With an attractive cast and a story that is well known by the Chinese public, no wonder the new epic romance has garnered strong interest and even won the ratings war when it started broadcasting on April 3.

The above list was released on April 6 by VLinkage, a Chinese entertainment data agency. The chart shows God of War: Zhao Zi Long in the #1 spot, followed by The Classic of Mountains and Seas in #2, and Descendants of the Sun in #3.

Congratulations to Yoona and her new drama!

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