Did you miss Yoseob's heavenly voice?

The idol recently reunited with his former BEAST members under their own agency and new group name, Highlight, to the delight of K-Pop fans everywhere. However, it's his brand solo single for the historical series Ruler: Master Of The Mask that has everyone talking today. The teaser music video for Yoseob's "I Couldn't Cry Because I'm a Man" song was released on YouTube yesterday. The short video gives us a glimpse into the K-drama world awaiting us, and the love stories that promise to unfold. The 27 year-old singer is also seen belting out the emotional tune in the recording studio.

Watch the intriguing teaser video below:

Episode 1 of Ruler: Master of the Mask and it's OST song "I Couldn't Cry Because I'm a Man" will both be released on Wednesday, May 10! If you are dying to see more action-packed K-dramas filled with love, Ruler: Master of the Mask is for you. The highly anticipated series stars three of your all-time favorite actors, Yoo Seung Ho, Kim So Hyun and Infinite's L. That is more than enough to have everyone tuning in! 

Is Yoseob's new song making you even more anxious for this drama's premiere?

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Ruler: Master of the Mask

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