As written about on DramaFever News a few weeks ago, the iconic Japanese band X Japan played Madison Square Garden on October 11, proving once again that they were by far the biggest rock band to ever come out of Japan. A little more than two weeks after the show, the band's frontman, Yoshiki, flew to Los Angeles, where he performed a special birthday song for Hello Kitty.

I honestly don't recall anybody's birthday being celebrated by so many, over such an extended period of time, in so many different ways. But since Hello Kitty is and has been a worldwide icon for so many years, the many celebrations come as no surprise. In fact, Kitty is such a VIP that Yoshiki of X Japan flew all the way to Los Angeles from Japan after making stops in San Francisco, Singapore, and Hong Kong after X Japan's successful MSG show. That sounds like a crazy schedule for most of us, but it's not for Yoshiki, and he wasn't going to miss singing for Hello Kitty.

So on October 29, at the Geffen Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art in front of over 2000 guests, Yoshiki performed a piano version of "Forever Love" on the special stage set up just for this occasion. He then performed his original Hello Kitty theme song, currently titled "HELLO HELLO," to commemorate the opening of the first-ever Hello Kitty Con 2014. The version Yoshiki played was in English, and it was an EMD dance version. Plans are to come out with classic, rock, and hip-hop versions in different languages from around the world.

The only person Yoshiki performed for before Kitty was the Emperor of Japan. So yes, Kitty is officially a big shot.

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